A day at the same time

"Our fathers ate the basket to the desert [God] gave to them to eat some bread coming from the sky." Jean 6:31

"They collected it every morning, each in proportion to it he ate." Exodus 16:21

"(said Jesus:) do not thus be in concern for the next day, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." Matthieu 6:34

      An uneven friend asked this question to the doctor: "will doctor how long need for me to lie?" The doctor answered: "only a day at the same time!" This advice joins what says Lord Jésus: "Don't be in concern for the next day, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof".

      Of course, it is useful to have projects, but the believer puts his confidence(trust) in the Lord to move forward with him.

      Only a day at the same time: God taught this lesson to his people who formerly crossed the desert. They collected every morning the portion of necessary food for day: the basket. She came from the sky and settled on the ground with the morning dew. Nobody had it too much and nobody missed it.

      It is not: every week the portion of week, but "every day the day portion". For the Christian, it means that the grace for Monday, I shall have him(it) on Mondays, the grace for Tuesday, on Tuesdays, and so on. The Lord tells us not to be "in concern(marigold) for the next day". A full confidence in God allows to live peacefully one day after the other one.

      If I leave at night on a dark path, I know well my destination, however my lamp lights only some meters in front of me, and as I move forward, the path gets clearer. Finally, I reach my purpose without having made a single step in the darkness. My whole route was lit. Here is the way God leads me: a step after the other one.

      The good seed

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