A day of snow

A day of snow

"We have to be all shown in front of the court of the Christ, so that each has to receive according to the actions accomplished in the body, or good or bad." 2 Corinthians 5:10

"Good, good and faithful slave; you were faithful in what is little, enters the enjoyment of your master." Matthieu 25:21

      Benaïa was a servant of king David. The Word of God him present as a hero and tells us one of its exploits: he fought against a lion and killed him at the bottom of a pit (2 Samuel 23:20-23). And the narrative specifies that it was a day of snow. Benaïa thus carried out a difficult thing (kill a lion), in a difficult place (at the bottom of a pit, without possible pension), and in difficult circumstances (one day of snow). God noted and made the effort to record all these details in his Word. The conditions in which Benaïa fought accentuate the courage of this man of faith.

      Christians, God is interested in all our situations. He knows in which conditions we serve him, and sometimes deliver difficult fights for him. He sees the missionary who announces the Gospel, one day of big heat, or the Christian who makes with a sick friend one day of painful traffic jams. He follows his servant who travels in precarious conditions, one day of heavy rain, to visit isolated Christians; and also the mother who carries out her daily tasks, one day of headache …

      The God who checks the whole universe also acquaints with the smallest details.

      In the sky, we shall be amazed to notice that he will have taken into account everything. He will then like to reward the faith which will have surmounted the daily difficulties. We shall realize while the victory was able to come only from him.

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