A perfect Rescuer

"You, are thus perfected, as your Heavenly Father is completed." Matthieu 5:48

"[Jesus Christ] can save completely those who approach God by him: he is always alive to intercede for them." Hebrew 7:25

      "Nobody's perfect!" Who did not hear, some day, this sad consolation?

      We are not perfected. God, him, is completed. And he tells us: "you, are thus perfected". He(it) is entitled to wait that his creatures express his own characters of justice, kindness, the truth, etc. We are aware whom we are far from answering that God requires. Those who would claim to have nothing to blame themselves are badly wrong. Is God too much requiring? He cannot see the evil without punishing him! It is apparently hopeless …

      But God receives those who, without trying to hide their errors, recognize that they need forgiveness. "O God! You will not despise a broken and humbled heart" (Psalm 51:17).

      Jesus did not come in this world to call just men, but sinners, people who need to regret (Matthieu 9:13). He suffered for the sins by enduring the death on the cross; the Just man died for the inequitable, then he is resuscitated. God receives completely those who come to him in the faith in Jesus Christ, the Rescuer. He receives them, considers them as his children, and even he makes them just, he makes them perfect in front of him because he sees them "in Christ", according to the perfections absolved from Christ. Lord Jésus did not suffer in vain. His work is completed. Rented him is!

      The good seed

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