A transformed rugby player

"It is necessary to you to have been born again."Jean 3:7

"so thus the Son frees you, you will be really free."Jean 8:36

      Tuigamala, been born in 1969 and known under the name of Inga goes aiga, became world-famous as international rugby player for Samoa and New Zealand. Raised in a Christian family, Inga attended regularly church services. Teenager, he became a passionate sportsman, and the questions of faith passed in the background. At the school, some of his friends had an immoral conduct. His education prevented him from joining them, but finally their influence was the strongest, and he turned the back on the education that he had received.

      However over the years these young people, one after the other, mirror their faith in Christ. Inga could hardly believe in it: " I saw a change in their life. They were of scamp, always loans to do stupid things and to create problems. But what a transformation! " He observed them with attention for weeks, not being able to believe that they would stand firm. " I would never have believed it possible, but I noticed something absolutely new: I saw the peace, the enjoyment and love at their home. " Then Inga wanted to have what his friends possessed. One of his professors, who was Christian, explained him that it was necessary to him to confess its sins to God and to confide its life to Jesus Christ. She tells him that he needed " to be born again ". It was in 1986.

      This transformation turned out, at Inga also, authentic and long-lasting. By his testimony, some of his former team-mates knew in their turn Lord Jésus, peace and joy of life with him.

      The good seed

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