A turning point in my life ( 1 )

"(Said Jesus:) I give you a new command: Love Each other each other; as I loved you, you too, love each other each other. In this all will know that you are my followers, if you have love between you."Jean 13:34,35

      " I was born in 1964 in Israel. When I was 14 years old, three girls came as volunteers in the Kibbutz where I lived. They believed in Jesus, also I decided to convince them that their faith was erroneous. The quality of their life impressed me. It always was an enjoyment to be with them. Never I had seen so much love and unity as between them three. They spared no effort for the sick and the elderly.

      One day, they ask me: " Shira, you have a purpose in life? " it made me reflect … Gradually convinced of the existence of God, I read the New Testament. I discovered that Jesus had really carried out all the predictions of the Old Testament concerning the Messiah. This conclusion terrified me: I knew that if I put my faith in Jesus, I could not turn back any more; it would be for the life.

      One day I visited Elly. I was irritated against God: there was no God, or, if it existed, why did he allow so much suffering in the world? She tells me: " Shira, you know that God is there and that he loves you. Then calm down and before sleeping, speak to him(her) ".

      Suddenly, in my room, I saw myself such as I was really, as in a mirror: I was bad, but God loved me personally. I asked: " God, if you are there, and I knows that you are there, and if Jesus is the Messiah, and I know that it is him … " I did not end my sentence, I fell asleep! This prayer was the turning point(bend) of my life. I had let God begin to act in me and to be transformed. "

      According to Shira

      The good seed

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