After the death

"I know that my redeemer is alive, and that, the last one, it will stand on the earth. And after my skin, this ( my body) will be destroyed, and by my flesh I shall see God." Job 19:25,26

"[Jesus Christ] frees all those who, by the fear of the death, had, during all their life, held in slavery." Hebrew 2:15

      Academician Jean of Ormesson wrote: "I hope that there is, after the death, something about which I know nothing. I hope that there is, timeless, a power which, by approximation and for more simplicity, we can call a God ".

      Job, him who lived approximately 4000 years ago, expressed himself completely otherwise: "I know that my redeemer is alive". Job did not hope, it knew that his liberator was alive in the sky. Without knowing his name, he had glimpsed that Jesus would be the big winner, the Rescuer of all those who believe in him. Job had a painful skin disease, but he could say: "after my skin, this will be destroyed". He hinted at the death of his body, but he adds: "of my flesh I shall see God … My eyes will see him(it), and not an other one". For him, the resurrection was a reality, even physical, and it would bring him one day in God's presence.

      A man, it is a philosopher, is not possible understand what takes place after the death. By his reasoning, he can admit the existence of a God, but he always stays on suppositions concerning the afterlife. How to see beyond this border that is the death? By receiving what God revealed us. The alternative is this one: I is trust my own thoughts and I stay, until the moment to leave this world, in the hesitation and the doubt; I is receive what God revealed, and by the faithI obtain certainties.

      Yes, Jesus overcame the death! He is alive, eternally living, and he gives the eternal life to those who confide in him.

      The good seed

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