Almighty God

Almighty God

"Eternal, our Lord! That your name is magnificent by all the earth; you put your majesty over heavens!" Psalm 8:1

"Oh! That your kindness is big to those who confide in you!" Psalm 31:19

      Almighty God, when my heart considers

      All the universe created by your power,

      The sky of azure, flashes of lightning, the thunder,

      The clear morning or the evening shadows …

      Of all my being then rises a singing:

      "Almighty God, that you are tall!"”

      When by wood, or deep forest,

      I roam and I hear all the birds to sing;

      When on mounts, source with its wave

      Rustle in peace his soft and light singing …

      My happy heart exclaims all the time:

      "Creative God, that you are tall!"

      But when I think, o sublimate mystery!

      That a God so big was able to think of me,

      That his dear Son carried my poverty,

      And what I am the heir of big King …

      Then my heart criticizes, at night, in the daytime:

      "That you are good, o God of love!"

      When my Rescuer, brilliant of light,

      Will get up from his eternal throne,

      And that, leaving the pains of the earth,

      I can see the magnificences of his sky

      I shall repeat, in divine sound stay:

      "Nothing is more big than your love!"

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