And if God existed?

"I looked for the Eternal; and he answered me." Psalm 34:4

"Eternal God is the truth, is him the Living God and King of eternity." Jérémie 10:10

      In Odessa, in the 1960s, Irène, a young Russian, was in class. She was bored to death, she tells us, because the theme of the price was, one more time, the atheism: "God does not exist. There are only some idiots who believe in him".

      - But if it was true, she says himself, it would be enough to tell it to us two or three times, and the problem would be settled. Does not this insistence full of hatred hide the reality?

      At the beginning, it made angry her: if God does not exist, why are we obliged to listen to these courses so boring of atheistic propaganda? Irène could not refrain from thinking: there should be a God, and he must be strong. She did not know him, but she looked for him. She began asking God. She did not find the help for which she looked in the Russian literature, but now she received in present a Bible, this book bans by the followers of the atheism. His attentive reading made him Jesus Christ known, the Son of God, its life, its sacrifice. And for her, as for uncountable people before and after her, it was the path which led her to God.

      Yes, God exists. And he does not hide from his creature. Even if we turned the back on him and if we lived without him, he showed itself. The life of purity and love of Jesus Christ, the gift of its life on the cross, its resurrection, make us understand the size of God, his eternal love and its holiness. Jesus Christ, come "look and save what was lost", always answers the faith of the one who sincerely wishes to meet him and to know him.

      The good seed

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