And if you were made a name?

And if you were made a name?

"Let us be made a name, being afraid that we are scattered on the face of all the earth." Genesis 11:4

"Those who withdraw from me will be written on the earth, because they abandoned the source of running waters, the Eternal." Jérémie 17:13

      We early made suspect the politics, as well as the stars of all kinds, want "to be made a name", in other words to want to acquire a certain fame which would follow them beyond the grave. As if we, we dreamed to be anytime soon forgotten buried …

      For a while there will be tracks of our passage on earth, at least in the memory of our close friends and in the registers of births, marriages and deaths. But we know well that what is written on the earth disappears sooner or later … On the contrary, the Bible speaks to us about those who have their written name "in the book of life", "in heavens". Jesus Christ says that it is the case of all to those who believe in him, in his sacrifice (Luc 10:20; Apocalypse 20:15). So every believer can say: I know that my name is written in heavens, because I believe in Jesus Christ. I was lost because of my disobediences to God, I deserved his judgment. But Jesus died for me, to save me! I believe the Bible which declares that his sacrifice saves me and gives me the real life, the eternal life.

      Are we going to bet on the short term? To do everything to be known and recognized by our contemporaries? Invest all our strengths in what what we shall not take beyond the grave? It is rather necessary to us to think in "what does not see itself: because the things which see each other are temporary, but those who do not see each other are eternal" (2 Corinthians 4:18). Let us believe in the Gospel, to receive the eternal life, and have our name registered in the book of life, in the heavens.

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