Any credit note with some money?

"The one who likes the money is not full by the money." The Ecclesiastes 5:10

"(King Salomon said:) I built houses … I was raised money also and some gold and well, everything was vanity and pursuit of the wind." The Ecclesiastes 2:4-11

"(Said Jesus Christ:) I shall give, me, free of charge, of the fountain of the water of the life." Apocalypse 21:6

      "The money allows to buy many things but not the main part. He allows us to acquire of the food but not the appetite, the medicine but not the health, knowledge but no friends, moments of pleasure but neither the peace, nor the happiness." It is the Norwegian playwright who so speaks. But such a report can be the one of each of us, so much he underlines obvious facts.

      The search for the happiness is universal. Some look for him in the power, others in addictions, the sexual or other, others else in a fascinating work, and many in an ownership of wealth. The consumer society in which the West lives maintains the illusion that the key of the happiness is to be able to buy all that we want without being limited.

      If it is true that is needed a minimum of money to live decently, he is also true as the main part is not sold itself, as says it the author of the quotation. Where to buy the peace of mind, the delivery of the sense of guilt, or the certainties concerning the afterlife? Nowhere. But the good news, it is because Jesus Christ offers free of charge these not trade wealth. On a condition however, because there is one: it is to accept that Jesus is the Rescuer and the Lord of our life. Then, let us confide him all our needs. The peace which Jesus gives and the promises which he made us in his Word are the real values, the long-lasting values. They belong to all those who make the step of the faith.

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