Artificial flowers

"… Having the appearance of the devotion, but having denied its power."2 Timothée 3:5

"God does not consider the appearance of the man."Galates 2:6

" … Seize what is really the life."1 Timothée 6:19

      We manage to make artificial so resembling flowers as an attentive observation does not still allow to distinguish the real of a false. Nevertheless insects, them, do not make a mistake there. You will never see a bee or a bumblebee gathering an artificial flower.

      Among the Christians, there is also of forgery and the truths. As artificial flowers, "pseudo-Christians" can look like to be mistaken to authentic believers there, without for it to have God's life. Because it is good it who makes the difference. The real flower results from an alive plant; fed by her roots, she grew day after day. An artificial flower is dead, it has only the appearance of it.

      " Have I God's life? " Is my Christianity the consequence of an alive relation with God, or is it is only a facade made by traditions, by attitudes and by religious behavior? Here are questions that each of those who say to themselves Christians has to settle.

      If insects do not confuse the real flower and the artificial flower, for stronger reason, nobody can deceive God. He knows those who belong to him. He knows what there is in our heart in each. If you have God's life, he invites you to recognize your state of spiritual death and to receive the life: " the one who believes in the Son of God has the testimony within himself: God gave us the eternal life, and this life is in his Son " (1 Jean 5:10,11).

      The good seed

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