At God's school

At God's school

"That the testing of your faith - More precious than that some gold who dies and who nevertheless is felt by the fire - a subject of praise, glory and honor, in the revelation of Jesus Christ is to be." 1 Pierre 1:7

      I had planned my journey for months, and an accident annihilated all my projects: a broken leg, several weeks of immobility … By allowing in my life an unpleasant event, the Lord obliges me to look of the help with him. He answers me, and so, not only he returns my more solid faith, but it gives me of himself a real-life knowledge which I would never have been able to acquire in a different way.

      It is necessary to cry to know the One who consoles, to worry about discovering the One who reassures, to be in danger to find the One who protects and who frees. In the sky where there will be more neither punishment, nor distress, nor obstacle to be surmounted, nor enemy to overcome, I shall not have any more the opportunity to find in Jesus the One who is the answer to all these needs.

      It is through my needs that I learn to know Christ, his power, his(her) love, its interest for me. And it is probably the explanation of most of my tests. Yes, the everyday life, by its difficulties, is an irreplaceable school. She allows me to acquire an experimental knowledge of my Lord Jésus Christ, a knowledge which will produce one praises eternal. I shall have learnt to know "the grace varied by God" (1 Pierre 4:10), who will be one of the themes of the hymn sung to the sky by all those whom the Christ acquired.

      So, when will end my life on the earth(ground), it will not be the distant God who will receive me in the sky, but a known Friend.

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