Between rails

"So said the Eternal: shout towards me, and I shall answer you."Jérémie 33:2,3

"I shall take care of my ewes … The lost, I shall look for her, and the misled, I shall return her, and the wounded person, I shall bandage her, and the sick person, I shall strengthen her."Ezekiel 34:12,16

      A young man of South America writes us:

      " I was recently married, nevertheless I had kept the habit to go out in the evening to party with friends. During one of these evenings of drinking bout, I was so drunk that I am gone back(entered my) home by walking on the railroad track. In the state where I was, I stumbled and fell between rails, where I fell asleep. A train passed on me and has me seriously wounded. It is the miracle that I did not die, but my vertebral column was damaged, and I can never walk suitably. I went well months at the hospital, then my wife looked after me at home with a lot of dedication.

      One morning, while I wondered once again which sense had my life, I heard on the radio a Christian message, speaking about the grace of God offered to all. It was exactly what I needed. I was very aware of all my faults. But when I heard about grace and about forgiveness, I began crying on my sins. And then I accepted Jesus Christ as my Rescuer, and he donated me the eternal life. " This man lives in difficult conditions, with his wife and his daughter. But God, whom they know now as their Father, gives them every day the peace and the strength.

      Your divine tenderness, Jesus, - Powerful Shepherd,

      Surrounds me in my distress, - Shelters Me from the danger.

      On your heart you carry me, - Weak and often tired;

      Your soft and strong hands - hold Me intertwined.

      The good seed

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