"Rejecting any burden and the sin which wraps us so easily, let us run with patience the running which is in front of us, eyes were fixed to Jesus." Hebrew 12:1

"Carry loads from each other." Galates 6:2

"Each will carry the own burden." Galates 6:5

      A burden is something heavy to carry, of painful to support. The quoted verses evoke three sorts of burdens:

      - Those who invade our life.

      - The difficulties which God allows every day.

      - The load of a service for the Lord.

      - 1. It is about burdens which harm our Christian life and hinder its development. It can be a habit of completely ordinary life, which puts however obstacle to our spiritual blooming. The permanent contact with a world without God, where the sin wraps us imperceptibly, can also be a brake in the spiritual life. It is necessary to recognize these obstacles, to consider them such in front of God, and to ask to him to help us to get free of it and to reject them.

      - 2. It is different with the weaknesses, the difficulties and the punishments which the Lord allows. We cannot get rid of it, they are necessary for the progress of our faith. But we can share them with other believers and use mutually to carry them.

      - 3. Each of us received on behalf of the Lord a service which it is responsible for not neglecting. Our enjoyment is to carry out him with love and dedication.

      By means of the Lord, we can face these daily loads. Let us remain peaceful and let us listen to him saying ourselves: "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" (Matthieu 6:34).

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