By God

"We received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God, so that we knew what was freely God-given us."1 Corinthians 2:12

      While I am in the train to go to the work, my eyes stop on the unwinding bulletin board: " this train is aimed at Lyon Dieu ", followed by his translation in English: " This train is going to Lyon by God ", whom we can translate by: " this train is aimed at Lyon, by God ". The travelers around me comment, amused by this bad translation: the expression " the part-God " was translated: " by God ". I join the conversation and I recognize the error with them. " But at the bottom, the idea is not false: it is good thanks to God that our arrival to destination is made possible ". Other travelers consider at me amazed, a little hampered but attentive. I did not hope for it so much to be able to speak to them about the God who loves me.

      Our time is characterized, at least in Europe, by the oversight of God, which is often the big absentee of our lives. Some deny his existence, others ignore it or avoid him. God, him, does not ignore to us. It is him who called us in the existence, and he wants to show himself in each of us. His love is first and personal. He wants to save us from the evil and from the misfortune. He has a project of love and freedom for you.

      Friend reader, if sincerely you turn you to him, if you tell him what holds you or pushes away you in the Christian faith, God will answer you. Because he loves you.

      The good seed

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