Can we criticize the Bible without having read him?

Can we criticize the Bible without having read him?

"To answer before having heard, it is a madness and a confusion for whom the fact." Proverbs 18:13

"Is not my word as a fire, said the Eternal, and as a hammer which breaks the rock?" Jérémie 23:29

      A missionary who crossed Mexico stopped in a village to preach the Gospel there. In the afternoon, as it was very hot, he sat down in front of the house where he had to spend at night, loan to be answered the questions which would put him the passers-by. A young man approached, faced the good missionary and tells him: "I come to discuss with you because I do not believe in what you preach". For any answer, the missionary tightened him a Bible, by saying to him: "this book is the Word of God. Read it. Then, if you wish for it, we can speak" about it. Very surprised, the young man took the Bible, sat down in the shade of a tree, and began to read.

      The next day, the missionary left of his new friends. The young man was also there. He wanted to accompany him an end of way. By arriving at the following village, he returned him the Bible by saying: "It is an interesting book. I have no questions to ask you on what I read". "It pleases me, says the missionary. The Word of God must be believed, discussed not. Continue to study him, and you will find the eternal life". And he offered him the Bible.

      Twenty years later, this missionary turned to this village and recognized the young man. This one was happy to tell in front of all how he had been brought to the repentance and to the faith to Lord Jésus by the reading of the Word of God. The Bible had become its biggest treasure. He did not wish to discuss any more his education. He lived him.

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