Cast anchor

"In you, Eternal!I put my confidence … You are my rock and my strong place." Psalm 71:1,3

"God is the rock of my heart." Psalm 73:26

      The art of the navigation made big progress since our distant ancestors who threw the first raft on the sea. All the parts of ships and their apparatus underwent continual innovations. A room, nevertheless, little changed: it is the anchor. She dives into the invisible to look for the firm ground there and settle in it solidly. The boat can be shaken: if the cable is solid and the well fixed anchor, no storm will take him …

      Wherever you are, in the prime of life or on the close of life, cast anchor of your hope towards this always accessible rock: Jesus Christ, the Son of God! The cable represents the divine promises which bind us to Christ, the safe and unwavering rock, whatever is our situation.

      Which encouragement for all those who, by the faith, seized these promises and the hope "that we have for an anchor of the soul, safe and firm" (Hebrew 6:18,19), that to be soon for ever with him in the sky.

      In my feet the ocean scolds,

      The wind whistles around me,

      On Christ, my rock, bases itself

      My hope and my faith.

      In the middle of the storm,

      This shelter, did you find him?

      Ah! Seize the powerful hand

      Of Jesus who saved me.

      The good seed

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