Choose the gratitude

"The God of any consolation consoles us so that we are capable of consoling those who are whatever sadness it is by the consolation with which we are consoled by God ourselves." 2 Corinthians 1:3,4

      "Tetraplegic since the age of seventeen years, I am in wheelchair. For every gesture of the everyday life, I am surrounded of all kinds of people who help me and assist me … It is with the heart recognizing that I hurry to tell them thank you …

      If only we had the same attitude to Lord Jésus to express him our gratitude by making rise towards him, throughout the day, our prayers of thanks …

      Since I am paralyzed, I say thanks to God most of the time, not only "in all things" (1 Thessaloniciens 5:18), but I thank him "for everything, in the name of our Lord Jésus Christ" (Éphésiens 5:20).

      Generally we thank God for his grace, for his comfort and his support in times of trouble. But do we thank him for the very test? Nevertheless she moves closer to us to him. During these decades crossed in wheelchair, I learnt not to separate my Rescuer of the sufferings whom he allows. I learnt not to consider a broken nape of the neck (or maybe in your case, a heart, a home broken) simply "as a thing which arrives", a misfortune of which the Lord, I do not too much know how, will pull something good. No, the God of the Bible is much more tall than it …

      It is this painful blessing, "this present wrapped with black", which pulls me and pushes me in the arms of the Rescuer. And it is there that is the enjoyment! "(According to Jony Eareckson Tada,"to Choose the gratitude")      

The good seed

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