Confidence and dependence

Confidence and dependence

"Confide of all your heart in the Eternal, and do not press you on your intelligence; in all your ways know him, and he will manage your paths." Proverbs 3:5, 6

"He takes care of you." 1 Pierre 5:7

      David, young victorious shepherd of Goliath, the great equipped huge warrior, everybody knows! With his sling and a stone found in the torrent, David overcame the giant who made a whole army tremble.

      But what was there at the origin of a such victory? His faith, its confidence in God, maintained day after day in his life of shepherd. The attentive search for God's will, the desire to make what pleased him gave to David intelligence and wisdom to act. It is an example of confidence and dependence to God.

      On the contrary, we act so often in a independent way, as if we were capable of managing our life! Who can think of facing the pressure of the evil which assails us? The strength, the wisdom, the peace in adversity, where to find them if it is not in God?

      Two things are essential to us: the reading of the Word of God, to depend on the Lord, and the prayer to confide us in him. So by living near him, we shall get used to putting back to him our whole life, our choices, our internal fights, all which worries us, and to expect from him for the delivery. Lord Jésus not only saved us from the eternal death, but also he wants to take care of our quite whole life. He makes us find the good way for the most important choices of the life as for the most harmless. Give way to the care and to the loyalty of the Lord, it is neither carefreeness, nor caution. It is to recognize the infinite size of its wisdom and the strength of his love for us.

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