"Why are you brought down, my soul, and are you shaken within me? Expect God." Psalm 42:5

"so said the Eternal: … As somebody whom her mother consoles, so I, I will console you; and you will be consoled." Ésaïe 66:12,13

      Isabelle, widow for the second time, was very sad to find comfort with the loss of her husband. She saw no reason for continuing to live. She took one day her grandson by car to the park. Having attached the child on her small seat, she settled down in the steering wheel and was going to start, neglecting to put her seat belt. The little boy exclaimed: - grandma, you are not attached! She answered sadly: - ah, Luc, my security is not important. I would better like very much going to the sky where is grandpa.

      Annoyed, young, five-year-old, exclaimed: - but then, you would leave me only!

      Suddenly Isabelle became aware that her life was not meaningless. By means of this child, God gave him a new reason for living, for being useful, he showed him a service to be carried out for him.

      The prophet Élie, too, wanted to die because his mission with the people of God had had no results for which he hoped (1 Kings 19). Then God showed him that, in his grace, he did not consider the situation of the country as being hopeless and that he had another task for the prophet. Élie thus had a valid reason to continue to live.

      Let us let go ourselves never in the despair! God always has a project for us, as long as he leaves us on the earth. Let us ask him to open us eyes if we do not any more manage to see what he wants for us. Then the discouragement will give way again to the confidence. The grace and love of our Heavenly Father will accompany us every day.

      The good seed

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