Divine action

"… We know that any things work together for the good of those who love God, of those who are called according to his intention."Romain 8:28

      Christians, to understand(include) and live the verse quoted today, let us reread him carefully.

      - We know: it is neither a supposition nor a wish, but a certainty concerning God's love.

      - That any things: our life and the diverse situations in which we are involved are not the result of the fate, because our big God dominates all these things (1 Chronicles 29:12).

      - Work together: it is by wonderful assemblies of the divine providence that everything is linked for the fulfillment of its perfect will. There is no isolated act. The events of our life work together at the fulfillment of God's plan.

      - For the good: so many initiatives in our civilized world are contrary to its will, but God makes all the circumstances of their life succeed for the good of his. The purposes of God exceed(overtake) our appreciation, our wait. He uses for our good our problems, our sufferings …

      - Of those who love God: God loves all the people, but this promise addresses specially those who know him as Father, to those who like him.

      - who are called according to his intention: God invites all the men to believe in his love; and those who believed, he called them to be eternally connected to Christ, their Rescuer.

      All that God allows in our life is it for a supreme and eternal purpose: make us corresponding just like Jesus Christ (Romain 8:29).

      The good seed

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