Do you love God?


"You will like the Eternal, your God, of all your heart, and with all your soul, and all your strength." Deuteronomy 6:5

"(Said Jesus:) as the Father loved me, I too loved you; live in my love." Jean 15:9

      I teach for two years the Sciences of life and the earth (SVT) in a middle school. It is the beginning of the year; every pupil has to fill an index card of presentation containing, among others, the question: "what you like?" It allows me to know the pupils and to know what interests them. The answers amuse me a little bit sometimes: I like the sport, the TV, the shopping, the music, the life, the cars … One of them worries me: I do not love the SVT! But suddenly an answer affects me profoundly: "I love God".

      What a happiness of reading in black and white this beautiful testimony! I am moved by this brave answer of a pupil of fifth, and I feel a big enjoyment for the rest of the day. Among these teenagers, several people maybe believe in God, but this girl goes farther: she believes God, she likes him, and she shows of it!

      Then a question occurs me: where am I myself? May I write that I love God?

      Since my childhood my mother taught me the faith in Jesus Christ, and I accompanied her(it) in Christian meetings. Very young, I believed in Lord Jésus; I confided in him for the eternal life. Really, it was given to me to love God. I knew that I was saved, that I belonged to the Lord.

      Now, years crossed, with ups and downs, but at the bottom of my heart, I am a member of "those who love God". I confide him my life of every day. "We like because loved him to us the first one" (1 Jean 4:19).

      The good seed


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