"That the rich does not glory in its wealth; but that the one who glories, glories in this that he knows me, says the Eternal." Jérémie 9:23,24

"Certainly the man walks among what has only the appearance; certainly he stirs in vain." Psalm 39:6

      Luc, age 10, had a collection of stamps of which he was very proud. Yet one day he noticed that several labels, highly quoted in the catalog, carried a registration in very small characters: "facsimile". He did not know what it wanted to say, but this word awakened in him a certain concern. He asked the question to an uncle who explained him that these beautiful stamps were absolutely worth nothing, they were only reproductions.

      The worthless properties, we accumulate it all. But then, what are the real wealth? Those who proceed of the faith in God (Jacques 2:5).

      Rich being, it is to know God, the God rescuer, and to serve him with loyalty. To be rich, it is to know Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as Rescuer and as reason for living. Here is the wealth which does not deceive, the only one whom we take with one in the other world, the one that God requires to open to those who possess her the doors of the sky. Let us do well the account of our wealth. Would we have only "facsimiles"? Let us take some hand of God what today what he offers free of charge: the wealth of the faith, to be saved; he is there even time, and it is urgent.

      Furthermore, we can make these wealth fruit. Jesus explains it to us in the satellite dish of the noble man who confides some money to his servants to collect the interest in his return of journey (Luc 19:11-27). What the grace of God produces in the life of a Christian will also be recorded in the sky for its reward and for the enjoyment of its Master.

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