Fear of the death

Fear of the death

"Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the dust (the body) returns to the earth, as she had been there, and as the spirit returns to God who gave him." The Ecclesiastes 12:1, 7

      Somebody wrote: "the death is the biggest event of the life". It is, indeed, a definitive stage, the entrance in the eternity.

      The Bible speaks to us about the afterlife. She shows clearly that the spirit returns to God who gave him, and that the human being continues to exist. The death is not thus the end, it is the door which opens towards two directions:

      - Let be one accepted for oneself God's forgiveness in Jesus Christ while we lived on the earth, and we are collected in the paradise, near Jesus, in the eternal happiness. "In the house of my Father, there is numerous houses; I am going to prepare for you a place … I shall take you with me" (Jean 14:2, 3). " Happy the deaths who die in the Lord … That they rest of their works " (Apocalypse 14:13).

      - Let be one refused or neglected this grace(favor), and we are lost for all eternity. "Which breaks (or does not believe) the Son [of God] will not see the life, but the anger of God lives on him " (Jean 3:36).

      For the believer, thus, he is more afraid there, but a happy certainty, and it is what consoles us towards the believers that we see leaving. They rest near the Lord.

      The apprehension, natural, of this ultimate moment stays. But the one who put his confidence in Jesus knows that the Lord will be by his/her side, will give the peace, will hold the hand in this passage towards the eternity. "Even when I would walk by the valley of the shadow of death, I shall be afraid of no evil; because you are with me " (Psalm 23:4)

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