Fisherman of men

"Withdraw from me, Lord, because I am a man sinner … Jesus tells Simon: be not afraid; from now on you will take men." Luc 5:8,10

      The follower Pierre went fishing all night long with his companions, but in vain. The morning, while it cleans its nets, Jesus comes towards him and tells him to lead his boat in deep water, and to release his nets. Pierre answers: "master, us took nothing; but on your word, I shall release nets". He believes that said Jesus, and obeys him. They take then so much fishes that their nets tear.

      Did Pierre simply thank Jesus and did continue his work? No, something deep occurred in him. By this miracle, Pierre understands that this man whom fishes obey, this Jesus, it is a God himself. His consciousness is affected, he knows that his faults make him unworthy to stay in the presence of Jesus, and he asks him to go away: "Withdraw from me, Lord, because I am a man sinner". But at the same time, he throws itself in his feet. Jesus does not go away, he does not leave him with his fright. Pierre recognized his state, it is enough. Jesus tells him: "be not afraid". He gives the peace to his consciousness: Pierre knows that he is forgiven. He is a pardoned, justified man.

      The grace of God goes farther: not only she forgives, but she enriches. Jesus gives to his follower a spiritual mission: "from now on you will take men". Pierre is going to announce the Gospel and to bring people to the faith: he is going "to take" men. Leaving his fisherman's activity on the lake, he becomes a servant of God, and leaves everything to follow Jesus.

      The good seed

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