Follow the Model

"By this we knew love: it is because he (Jesus) left his life for us." 1 Jean 3:16

"Christ suffered for you, leaving you a model, so that you followed his tracks." 1 Pierre 2:21

      I had just undergone an operation. It was the night and it was very hot. I was lying on the back with several devices connected on my body and on my arms. I did not have to move otherwise the alert started and the nurses ran up to realize the situation and stop the alarm. All the nursing staff was accommodating and devoted. But during the night I had particularly noticed the patience and the sweetness of the nurse on duty. She made all that she could to relieve the operated. I was incapable to articulate the slightest word of gratitude. But I well realized the exceptional kindness of this person. I said myself: "she must be Christian". Because obviously she looked like Master, Lord Jésus himself, always moved by condolence for all the unfortunates.

      At three nights so passed. Then in the term of the third, this nurse came to leave, because she did not return any more before the next week. She hesitated one moment then approached my bed and told me slowly, by looking at my Bible put on the night table: "it is your treasure?" I answered: "yes". She chained: "it is also mine", and with a smile she made off.

      The good seed

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