For what can we wait?

"When they will say: " peace and safety ", then sudden one destruction will come on them and they will not escape." 1 Thessaloniciens 5:3

"(Jesus said:) I leave you the peace; I give you my peace; I do not give you, me, as the world gives." Jean 14:27

      On July 19th, 1992, judge Paolo Borsellino, main actor of the fight against the mafia of Palermo, is murdered with his bodyguards. This crime was condemned by all in the most severe terms, but this unanimous condemnation does not erase a feeling of powerlessness in the face of acts aiming at people asked to defend the justice and the security. Such a powerlessness in front of the evil shows good that the balance of the company is fragile: she can quickly evolve and fall over towards extreme forms of violence.

      The Bible tells us that this instability will urge a big part of the humanity to submit itself soon to a power at the same time political and religious directly bound to Satan. From its implementation, on all sides will rise the shout: "peace and safety". This peace, however, will only be visible. She will rest on an organization from which God will be excluded, and will be imposed by a merciless and cruel dictator who will put to death all his opponents. This scene is evoked in the last book of the Bible (Apocalypse 13). However God will not remain indifferent and will intervene to judge.

      But today, before take place these events, God invites us to know Lord Jésus as Rescuer. By his kindness, he urges each to put itself shielded from the judgment by accepting the safety which he offers. The one who believes in Lord Jésus receives the forgiveness and the peace. The real peace … Because he(it) waits for the coming of Jesus which will kidnap those who belong to him so that they are with him for ever.

      The good seed

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