Give to him(her) better!

Give to him(her) better!

"You have for yourselves the better and more permanent properties." Hebrew 10:34

"The things which for me were an earnings, I considered them, because of the Christ, as a loss because of the excellence of the knowledge of the Christ Jesus my Lord." Philippiens 3:7,8

      My baby has just seized a sharp object, which risks to hurt him. I try to remove him(it) to him, but he squeezes him all the more hardly. If I tear away him to him of strength, I shall hurt him(her). Then, I resort to a simple way, known for all the parents. I pull of my pocket an attractive key ring which I show him. Immediately, the child releases the dangerous object to seize the key ring. He abandons of himself what he squeezed so hardly there is one second, because I gave to him better!

      If God exhorts us to refrain us greeds which harm our soul (1 Pierre 2:11), he has to give nothing of better? Let us learn to discover the wonderful person of his Son, Jesus Christ, the value of its sacrifice which communicates us the peace and the enjoyment of the safety. So, because of "the excellence of the knowledge of the Christ Jesus", his Lord, the apostle Paul had abandoned what formerly was all its life.

      It is thus because he appreciates the value of the spiritual realities which the Christian abandons what he could not take place formerly. It is because the sky is its real homeland that it crosses this world as a foreigner. Give up what displeases God is not a sacrifice which frustrates him or makes him sad. He has better, somewhere else!

      Christians, more we shall appreciate "the fathomless wealth of the Christ" (Éphésiens 3:8), more our way of life will prove that we have better that what the world proposes. And we shall tempt others.

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