Go unnoticed

"Our God Rescuer wants that all the men are saved and come to the knowledge of the truth."1 Timothée 2:3, 4

      There is in the company a lot of people which are not listened. As they do not make noise, we worry hardly about their opinion or about their aspiration. But if they go unnoticed men, one thing's for sure: God sees them and knows the circumstances of their life: "the Eternal looks at heavens; he sees all the sons(threads) of the men" (psalm 33:13). "You know my path and my bedtime(sunset), and you are informed about all my ways" (psalm 139:3). "What we harm a man, does not the Lord see him?" (Lamentations of Jérémie 3:36).

      In the Gospel, Zachée, a small-sized man, despised by his contemporaries because of his job, rose on a tree to see Jesus passing (Luc 19:1-10). And the Lord saw him, as he saw the widow offering to the treasure of the temple "all that she had" (Marc 12:44).

      Do you feel isolated, unknown, even despised? Go to Jesus! He pushes away(repels) nobody: "there is no consideration of people in front of God" (Romain 2:11). "There is no partiality in him" (Éphésiens 6:9).

      Whatever are our origins, our skin color, our country, our social position, our profession, God declares that we are every sinners, "there is no difference" (Romain 3:23). And, wonderful thing, he(it) offers his forgiveness to all by the work of Jesus in the cross. He tells us: "the one who comes to me, I will not put outside(kick out) him" (Jean 6:37). From then on, nothing "can separate us from God's love, which is in the Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romain 8:39).

      The good seed

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