God answers

"Call upon me in the day of the distress: I shall free you, and you will glorify me." Psalm 50:15

      The pilot of a station missionary shares with us what he lived: during a flight of training, I decided to fly northward, up to an isolated and little frequented landing runway. The pilot in training which I educated would so have the possibility of making some exercises of landing there. Upon our arrival, some people ran to meet us. They explained that, the day before, a young man was seriously injured in the leg and that we did not succeed in stopping the bleeding.

      As the wounded person had already lost a lot of blood, we quickly installed him in the plane, and transported him to the hospital of the mission. The flight lasted twenty five minutes. By the road or by the boat on the river, the same route would have set four days, and the patient would not have survived. And there, less than one hour after the take-off, it was in the operating room, where we were able to ligature the artery and to look after the wound.

      But the most moving, it is that people of this isolated village, Christians without resource on the medical plan, had prayed so that a miracle occurs. And shortly after their moments prayers, the plane appeared in the sky completely unexpectedly. It was for them, undoubtedly, God's answer to their prayers!

      Yes, our God is the one "who listens to the prayer" (Psalm 65:2).

      The good seed

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