God calls each

"He rained to God, who set apart me from the stomach of my mother and who called me by his grace, to reveal her Son in me, so that I announce it among nations." Galates 1:15,16

      By writing these words, the apostle Paul thought maybe: why did God call on to me? How is it possible? The answer is later given: by his(her,its) grace. It means that God gives me something that I do not deserve! Paul was not called because he was very educated, nor because of his religious position or of his overflowing zeal. No, Paul was called by the grace of God. Before it he was enemy Christians, enemy of Jesus, but God called him to announce Jesus by all the earth.

      When Adam and Eve hid having broken, God came in the garden and he called: "where are you?" (Genesis 3:9). He, who knows any things, did not need to look for Adam and for Eve. He knew exactly where they were. Nevertheless he called them, because he wished their good. He wanted that they realize the reach of their act, and that they can then praise God who had taken care of them in spite of their sin. Her(His) Grace looked for those who hid.

      It's the same today. We are all called by grace. "It is by the grace that you are saved, by means of the faith, and it does not come from you, it is the gift(donation) of God" (Éphésiens 2:8). The purpose of God, when he invites all the people by the Gospel, is to make them known Jesus as the only Rescuer.

      The Lord calls us all, each by our name. If until today you did not answer, make him(it) without waiting. The day comes when the grace will make way for the judgment. Now it is necessary to answer.

      The good seed

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