God orders

"Who believes in the Son has the eternal life; but which breaks the Son will not see the life, but the anger of God live on him."Jean 3:36

"God orders now to the men that all, everywhere, regret."Acts 17:30

      As surprising as it may sound to somebody who never cared about God, the Bible tells us that we are responsible in front of him. Not only he created us, but he made him with the will maintain relations with us. Yet, we all lived independently of him, made the decisions without trying to know of what he thought of it, makes things of which our consciousness disapproves, harmed our next one. God calls the fact of living so without him: the "disobedience", the "sin"; it separates us from him, and makes of us all culprits.

      God orders to regret, that is to recognize his state in front of him, with a real regret and the desire to change life. He also announces that there is a limit to his patience and that, if today he did not judge the world since the deluge, one day he will judge it. Then, each will have to report individually what he(it) made of his life, nobody will have excuse. Nobody can justify himself. Everything fills will be closed (Romain 3:19).

      But he does not want to leave us in this desperate state. Rather than to be our judge one day, he suggests being our rescuer from today. Because he loves us in spite of our revolt or our indifference. He even loved us in the point to find himself the way to reconcile us with him. He punished Jesus Christ, the man without sin, on our place, for never not having to punish the one who believes in him. That's it, the Gospel, and it is really a "good news" announced in each, on behalf of God. In each, thus in you too.

      The good seed

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