God's eye

"You, Eternal! Kept silent know me, you saw me, and you felt my heart towards you."Jérémie 12:3

"You know, only you, the heart of all the sons of the men."1 Kings 8:39

      You are behind the wheel of your car, behind schedule, and committed in a conversation livened up by the telephone. At this very moment, you see in your rear-view mirror a police car following each other. You have the reflex to raise the foot(to slow down), to hide your telephone and to fasten your seat belt in case the police would stop you.

      Think now that God squeezes you closely, that he knows all your acts and the motives which make you act, and even your most secret thoughts. What is going to be your reaction? Try to forget everything, to avoid in some addiction, to silence your consciousness in an activism which does not any more leave the time to you to think? No! Make the opposite, recognize humbly that you have to become reconciled with God. You will meet, not a God who condemns, but a " merciful God ", " big in kindness ", who planned everything to remit you, while remaining just.

      God is really every close friend of you. Even if you cannot see him, make nevertheless this return on yourself, and tell to God all which weighs you, oppresses you, disgraces you, all which in front of him is sinned. Then he will forgive you because of Jesus Christ, his Son, and will give you a new, unknown life up to there. You will not any more need to be afraid of God's eye, you will live happy under his look of Father and in his presence.

      The good seed

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