Good news: accept him or refuse her

Good news: accept him or refuse her

"I, the Eternal, I am your God it does not have of other one there … Whoever will call upon the name of the Eternal will be saved." Joël 2:27

      Our Creator wanted to be known as a Father affectionate and completed for each of us. But our attitude of independence, our God's refusal, deprived us of this happy relation. And this attitude condemns us without appeal.

      Good news, God comes towards us without waiting that we did the first step. He comes towards us in Jesus Christ who tells us: "come to me"; "I, I am the path, and the truth and the life; nobody comes to the Father if it is not by me" (Matthieu 11:28; Jean 14:6).

      Maybe will say yourselves: "Jesus Christ, why do I need him? Why to believe in him? I am well, I am strong, and anyway I manage very well without him!" But neither your capacities nor your claims will have value when you will appear in front of God …

      An other one will say on the contrary: "I cannot believe that God is interested in me, because I am really too bad. I made big stupid things, I am even ashamed to speak about it, I shall undergo the consequences all my life". Nevertheless yes! God is interested in you. He wants to forgive you and to help you to make a new start. He made him for me and he can make him for you.

      To refuse to regret and to believe, it is to despise the most wonderful gift that God made for the men: Jesus Christ; he condemned him and punished on our place. Not to want to accept this offer, it is to stay voluntarily near the culprits. On the contrary to accept him, it is to receive God's forgiveness and future from today and for ever his beloved child. Do you go to make this step, now?

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