"The Eternal is my shepherd: I shall be lacking nothing … Even when I would walk by the valley of the shadow of death, I shall be afraid of no evil; because you are with me."Psalm 23:1,4

"The just man is confident, in his death."Proverbs 14:32

      Shortly before his death, an atheistic philosopher was in a state of profound despair. We lend him these words: " I know that I should die with the hope to obtain something best, but the hope has to have a foundation … " And he had none of it.

      On the contrary, Job, the patriarch, had a hope on which it based its faith. While he suffered intensely from his(its) disease, and did not know if he would cure of it, he said: " I, I know that my redeemer is alive, and that, the last one, it will stand on the earth. And after my skin, this will be destroyed, and by my flesh I shall see God " (Job 19:25,26). Even if his suffering swamped him and brought questions which stayed without answer, he hoped and believed in his Redeemer.

      Many believers can feel also fears in the presence of the death. Nevertheless, even if they dread this ultimate moment, Lord Jésus gives them the peace, the hope of the resurrection, and grants them the grace to die with the certainty to be for ever with him.

      Indeed, the one who believes in Jesus Christ knows that his Rescuer died on the cross for his sins, and that he is resuscitated three days later, winner of the death. It is the base of its faith. He knows that, because his Redeemer is resuscitated, he too will resuscitate to live eternally with him. Its future and its hope are an alive reality already lived by the faith.

      As for you, you possess this faith which gives such an insurance beyond the death?

      The good seed

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