I understood that Jesus liked me (2)

"(Jesus said:) all that the Father gives me will come to me; and the one who comes to me, I will not put outside him … The will of my Father, it is because whoever discerns the Son and believes in him has the eternal life; and I, I shall resuscitate him(it) in the last day."Jean 6:37,40

      " I continued to read the New Testament every day. One morning, sat in a bus, I read for the first time the narrative of the crucifixion. I burst into tears. I cried because Jesus had died; I did not still know that he was then resuscitated. By pursuing my reading, I arrived at the narrative of the resurrection of Jesus and I was transported by enjoyment. All this was so real for me, as if I had attended personally the last Passover in Jerusalem, in the death of Jesus and in his resurrection.

      A few months later, I was invited at a biblical conference in Haifa. The speaker explained to us how the sacrifices, in the book of Lévitique, symbolized the expiatory death of the Messiah. The sinner brought a pure and flawless animal; he put hands on the head and confessed his sins. These were transferred on the sacrificed animal, while the pure life of the innocent sacrifice was transferred on the sinner. The judgment of death which deserved the sinner was carried by the animal of the sacrifice, which was killed and died. In a flash of lightning, for the first time in my life, I understood the real meaning of the death of Jesus. It was me the sinner, and the Messiah had undergone the death which I deserved. It was my sacrifice, my substitute! Even if I had never committed a " enormous sin ", I knew that my life was full of " small sins " and that I really needed to be forgiven and cleansed. I also realized that Jesus had given his life for me because he loved me. "


      The good seed

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