I worry

"You worry and you fret about many things; but it is need only for the only one." Luc 10:41

"Your Heavenly Father knows that you need all this." Matthieu 6:32

      Everything worries me! My health, my professional situation, my family … My close friends worry me. I see them sinking into impossible situations, it makes me sick. I feel responsible for their happiness. The circumstances which they cross and mine are in the center of my concerns: if I can make ends meet, if my daughter is not sick … And then, even if everything goes as I hoped for it, I still find something, what I had not thought and who is going to waste my pleasure …

      The concern is a poison of which I do not know how to come undone. It became in me the real obsession.

      And nevertheless, I know well that God, him, sees me. And even, he does not release me eyes. Not that he watches me, but he would want to help me and to have the true relation with me. As face to face … And meanwhile, I, I think only of my marigolds …

      Am I going to persevere in this fold on me? God calls me to make him a total confidence, to abandon me to him, and I would hesitate? It is Pierre, the follower of Jesus, who is right, when he says: "reject on [God] all your concern(marigold), because it takes care of you" (1 Pierre 5:7).

      I can rest on my God, trust him, he loves me, he takes care of me, he stays up my close friends. I can tell him my concerns he will carry them on my place. Jesus said well it: "you all come to me, who you get tired and who be in charge(be loaded), and I, I shall give you of the rest" (Matthieu 11:28).

      The good seed

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