"The eternal life, it is because they know you, you the only real God, and the one that you sent, Jesus Christ." Jean 17:3

      Surprising! A lot of people crosses their life without worrying about God, even by denying its existence. And nevertheless, they envisage the possibility of going to the sky after their death because they hurt nobody. This attitude testifies of an enormous misunderstanding. The sky is indeed the house, "God's throne" (Matthieu 5:34). How to imagine that we can be happy in the sky with a God that we shall have wanted to ignore all his life?

      The man is often inconsistent, but God is not him. He(it) is good this "God rescuer, who wants that all the men are saved" (1 Timothée 2:3, 4). But if you do not want of him now, you will be far from him during the eternity.

      To reach the sky, it is necessary to be in connection with the one who lives there, to know him personally. And this knowledge is given by the faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. "Nobody knows the Father, if it is not the Son and the one to whom the Son will want to reveal him" (Matthieu 11:27).

      Jesus revealed him to us. He agreed for it to leave his glorious condition in the sky and he came on the earth. In the term of a life of suffering and rejection, he(it) paid the debt of my sins. I believed in him, and he let in me to a filial relation with his Father Dieu been an integral part my current life, and I wait with certainty when he will welcome me in the sky.

      Let us be coherent! If we want to live one day with God in the sky, learn from now on to know the God rescuer by Jesus Christ!

      The good seed

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