Indescribable Love

"God is love." 1 Jean 4:8

"(said Jesus:) the Father himself loves you." Jean 16:27

      "When my wife decided to choose another life, I was alone in our apartment. After a few weeks, not being able to anymore pay the rent, debt-ridden, I had to live in my car. It was then the depression, the despair. I even thought of ending in my days. A Christian friend advised me to speak to God to ask him his help. It is what I made sincerely, for the first time, that very evening. I asked God with confidence and I then felt as arms surrounding me. Filled with an indescribable peace, I fell asleep on the steering wheel of my car! Since my heart was marked by his love, Jesus produced a real and complete recovery in my life. That is why today I wish to share this message of love which so much upset me." (Jerry)

      To realize this work in the soul, the God asks us only to confide completely in his love. At the same time, he tells us how he loved us, him the holy God. On one hand he shows us to what extent we are sinners, and on the other hand he reveals us the proof of his love to us: "when we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romain 5:8), to remove the sins which separated us from the holy God. To accept him with faith leads us to realize what says the apostle Paul: "what I see now in the flesh, I see him in the faith, the faith to the Son of God, who loved me and who was engaged himself for me" (Galates 2:20).

      The good seed

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