Irresistible call

"Even the stork in heavens knows its season; and the turtledove, and the swallow, and the crane, are careful in the time when they have to come, but my people do not know the judgment(sentence) of the Eternal. How say yourselves: we are wise?" Jérémie 8:7,8

      We speak about the instinct of migratory birds, but the terms used on these verses suggest that they also have a certain intelligence. What is fascinating at their home(with them), it is the moose which allows them to travel thousands of kilometers to find the place of their birth.

      At the heart of the Bible, we find this moving word: "as a bird roams here and there far from its nest, so is the man who roams far from his place" (proverbs 27:8). This wandering reminds all the experimentations, all the collections of safety, identity or sense in the life. What is this sought place for which the man wishes so much but for which he has so much punishment to be found? We can read somewhere else in the Bible: "the passerine found a house, and the swallow a nest for her, where it put its youngs … My heart and my flesh shout after the Living God" (Psalm 84:3,2).

      God gave us the capacity to hear his calls, imperative, to manage us towards the purpose which our eyes do not still see. It is a little it the definition of the faith. Not to invent a path, but to recognize the one that God draws us towards our Rescuer Jesus Christ, and to answer without differing in his call of love.

      Every migratory bird carries in him a space which is more big than him, a space which has the dimensions of his journey. He does not understand him(it) completely, but he lives him. So he is of the man who answers to the appeal of God. And "God gave him an answer in the enjoyment of his heart " (the Ecclesiastes 5:20).

      The good seed

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