Is it always necessary "to be positive"?

"Happy those whose injustices were forgiven and with whom the sins were covered." Romain 4:7

"happy those who listen to the Word of God and who keep(guard) her!" Luc 11:28

      "To be positive", it is the current word used to incite to look on the bright side especially. In a world such as ours, where bad news accumulate every day, we feel the need to be positive. But to say himself happy and satisfied without caring about God, it is to feed on illusions. The Bible tells us: " the devotion, with the satisfaction, is a big earnings." (1 Timothée 6:6). The devotion is the fact of having a confident relation with God, and an attachment in what he tells us in the Bible. If it is enough for us, what a source of happiness!

      To contribute to the improvement of the world, some refer to the education(teaching) of the "sermon on the mountain", particularly in the "blisses" where the Christ calls successively "happy" or "happy" nine sorts of people, which are not inevitably in an easy situation but recover from it to God (Matthieu 5:1-12).

      Is it necessary to end from it that our Lord insisted on the positive aspects, in the current sense of the word? In the Gospel of Matthieu, these blisses are the first teachings of the Lord. But some time later, rejected by the crowd which did not support its message of love and the truth, it is brought to pronounce seven "misfortunes" (chapter 23).

      God does not adorn the world, it would be to give him an appearance which would not correspond to the reality. Nothing escapes its appreciation. Be positive in the affable illusion in the misfortune. But accept that I am lost in front of God and to seize its grace in Jesus is safe path to find and show that is the real happiness.

      The good seed

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