It is later better

"(Said Jesus:) the one who hears my word, and who believes the one who sent to me, has the eternal life and does not come in judgment; but he passed of the death in the life. " Jean 5:24

"It is a thing terrible to fall in the hands of the Living God! " Hebrew 10:31

      A doctor asks, a little bit mindlessly, a mature patient: "how go your parents?" This one answers, with a certain irony: "much better now, thank you, because they died!"

      For many, it does not make doubt: "it is later better". Those who see leaving a dear being who suffered so find comfort: "he stopped suffering. It is better for him".

      "It is better" are we sure? Who can say it?

      Jesus came from the sky on the earth(ground) (Jean 3:11-13). Who is better placed than him to speak to us about this essential subject? Yet he hints several times at a place of agonies (Matthieu 22:13; 25:46). He presents the satellite dish of the rich and Lazare (Luc 16:19-31), showing that all have no same fate after the death. The rich, tourmented in the stay of the deaths, begs that we send somebody towards his brothers, to warn them. But the answer is without appeal: they have the Word of God (at that time, "Moses and the prophets"). She has to be enough for them!

      Today, if we want to be fixed, we have the Word of God, completely sufficient. What does she say?

      "He is reserved for the men to die once, and after that the judgment" (Hebrew 9:27).

      But also: "there is no condemnation for those who are in the Christ a Jesus" (Romain 8:1).

      "It is better", terrible illusion for the one who goes to the front of the divine judgment, the invaluable certainty for the one who believed in Jesus Christ.

      "I have the desire to leave and to be with Christ, because it is, of many, better", said the apostle Paul (Philippiens 1:23).

      The good seed

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