Jesus, winner or loser?

"[They] said by laughing (of Jesus): he saved the others, he cannot save himself himself." Matthieu 27:41,42

"[Jesus] is the leader of any power and any authority … Having skinned the powers and the authorities, he gave them in show, triumphing over them over it the cross." Colossiens 2:10,15

      A well known newspaper made one day his one with an article for the provocative title: was Jesus losing?

      At first sight, we can well think that he was: from his birth he was rejected by his people. He lived in the poverty, he suffered, he was betrayed and abandoned. The first day verse shows the contempt with which the opponents of the Christ spoke about him. Finally Jesus was crucified and he died. Nevertheless, this defeat is only visible. During his passage on the earth, Jesus cured the sick, the devils ran away in his word, the blind persons saw and the deaf persons heard. Satan personally was routed when he tried to tempt Jesus in the desert.

      To reach the sky, it is necessary to be in connection with the one who lives there, to know him personally. And this knowledge is given by the faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. "Nobody knows the Father, if it is not the Son and the one to whom the Son will want to reveal him" (Matthieu 11:27).

      But in the cross, the victory on the sin, on the death and on all the powers of the evil was definitively gained. This victory was highlighted by the fact that Lord Jésus did not stay in the grave: he is resuscitated! After his death, numerous witnesses saw alive Jesus. Then he rose to the sky, the proof that the work was perfectly finished in the glory of God.

      Today it is necessary to believe in him to be united for ever with the "Winner". Jesus tells us: "you have of the tribulation in the world; but have good luck, me I overcame the world" (Jean 16:33). Soon he will return to reign over the earth, to destroy definitively all his enemies; and those whom he acquired will reign with him. Jesus Christ is the Winner for all eternity.

      The good seed

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