Lie and the truth

"The one who practises the fraud will not live within my house; the one who utters lies will not remain in front of my eyes."Psalm 101:7

"The city was of pure gold and he will enter it no soiled thing, and the one who commits abomination and lie, but only those who are written in the book of life of the Lamb."Apocalypse 21:18, 27

      " Moral Fault ", declared the whole political class to indicate the lies of a Secretary. About what morality is it? On one side he is fashionable to laugh at the morality, to reject any Christian reference, and of the other one we suddenly become aware of the utility of a recognized morality. We call upon him as a magic formula. A lie seems suddenly shocking because of its blunder only, while it is commonplace in politics and in the daily life. Would certain lies be faults, and others not?

      " I hate any way of lie " (psalm 119:104), says the believer who wishes to live according to the thought of God. Indeed, God condemns the lie. " Eternal God is the truth " (Jérémie 10:10). He showed itself in Jesus Christ, who said: " I am the path, and the truth, and the life " (Jean 14:6). " It is for this that I came in the world, to return testimony to the truth. Whoever is of the truth listen to my voice " (Jean 18:37) also declared in front of Pilate. " But I, it is because I tell the truth that you do not believe in me " (Jean 8:45). The influential men of time did not believe it, and because the truth revealed their " moral faults ", they sentenced to death the messenger of God. Today still the Bible tells us that " the Son of God came, and he gave us an intelligence so that we knew the Real; and we are in the Real, that is in his Son Jesus Christ: is him the real God and the eternal life " (1 Jean 5:20).

      The good seed

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