Man of small faith

"Immediately Jesus, spreading the hand, seizes him and tells him: man of small faith, why did you doubt?" Matthieu 14:31

      This reproach full of love which Jesus sent to his follower Pierre, let us recognize that, we Christians, we deserve him so often. The violent wind of the test destabilizes us more than once. In such moments, let us remember four essential truths.

      In the first place, the resuscitated Lord promises to his: "I am with you every day, until the completion of the century" (Matthieu 28:20). In it every day, are thus included the days of test.

      Secondly, he is written: "any things work together for the good of those who love God" (Romain 8:28). The events which make us shed tears are also a member of it.

      Thirdly: "worry about nothing, but, in all things, expose your requests to God by the prayer and the plea with thanksgivings" (Philippiens 4:6). No need is thus excluded from subjects which we can bring to the Lord. Maybe he will not answer us immediately as we would wish it, but are sure that he will make him at the appropriate time and in his own way and that, meanwhile, God's peace will fill our heart.

      Finally, fourthly, let us remember that he is "the God of any consolation, which consoles us towards all our sadness" (2 Corinthians 1:3,4). In the face of our punishments, the consolations of the Lord will be always abundant.

      The good seed

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