Melted with the standard

Melted with the standard

"(Jesus told his followers:) the hour comes even where whoever will kill you will think of carrying out a service to God. They will so act because they knew neither the Father, nor me." Jean 16:2, 3

"God did not send his Son to the world so that he judges the world, but so that the world is saved by him." Jean 3:17

      If you visit the castle of the Haut-Koenigsbourg in Alsace, you will see several artillery there of the 16th century. On one of them, very close to the opening by which we introduced the drill, we see, relief fondue in the mass, a representation of the crucified Christ. Was it a talisman for a battle where we were afraid of being killed? Either the one who waged war did he claim to have Christ from his/her part? Associate Christ crucified in an instrument of death, what an incoherence!

      All his life Jesus Christ showed concretely love and grace which all the wickedness of the men was not able to shake. Even when we nailed him on the cross he did not defend itself. A standard is made to kill and destroy; the mission of Jesus Christ was to save and to cure. Can we bind both?

      A crucifix melted in the mass of a standard evokes the "holy wars" led in the name of the Christ. All, them showed a total misunderstanding of its character and its mission. During his life on the earth, he is never involved in the conflicts which shook Israel. Indefatigably, his life was the expression of divine love to all. He did not resist when we came to stop him. He was allowed nail on a cross. He knew that his death was necessary so that we have the eternal life.

      The message of Jesus was: "love your enemies; do good to those who hate you; bless those who curse you; pray for those who scold you" (Luc 6:27, 28). "As I loved you, too, you like each other" (Jean 13:34).

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