Message come from the space

Message come from the space

"At first God created heavens and earth." Genèse 1:1

"You, in beginnings, Lord, you based the earth, and heavens are the works of your hands." Hebrew 1:10

      On December 21st, 1968, the rocket Apollo 8 was thrown. And 24 in the early hours, the astronauts took place in orbit around the moon and made ten times the tour, so discovering its dark side.

      Every time Apollo 8 passed behind the moon and so disappeared from the view of the earth, the radio contacts stopped working. So nobody was able to share directly with the astronauts this first human experience so wonderful. Discover the dark side of the moon and see the earth getting up behind this sorry lunar landscape, what an extraordinary show!

      But when we were again able to hear them on the television, they were still profoundly impressed by this vision, the earth getting up, blue and white, over the horizon of the moon. How did they describe what they had seen and felt? Did they quote a scholar or a poet celebrates? No, what affected them in these moments could express himself only by what they read, one after the other, to the front page of the Bible: "at first God created heavens and earth(ground) …"

      Hundred million people approximately heard this message come from the space, at the approach of Christmas, on December 24th, 1968. And this day, numerous also were the ones who remembered that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had come from the sky to make, about the whole humanity, the God known rescuer. "There is not under the sky of other name which is given among the men(people), by whom it is necessary to us to be saved" (acts 4:12).

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