Miraculously cured person

"These eighteen men on whom fell the tower to Siloé, and whom it killed, you believe that they were more guilty than all the inhabitants of Jerusalem? No, I tell you, but if you do not regret, you will die all in the same way." Luc 13:4,5

      He fell asleep in the steering wheel on the highway. His car collided the central slide channel, then left for spin. After a barrel she stood still on the shoulder. His vehicle is unrecognizable; but he went out of it alone, shocked certainly, but without a scratch. Fire brigades called immediately to the rescue had only a word: miraculously cured person!

      But why was he emerged unscathed? Why did not he die in this spectacular accident? Fortunate coincidence, as it will be said. Would not it be rather the patience of God that still lends him days so that he has the possibility of turning to him? Should not such circumstance question each of us about the sense of its life? Why am I on the earth? What is really important? God gives of time to each so that he experiences a miracle of an incalculable importance: know Jesus Christ as Rescuer, and enter so into an indestructible relationship with him. Let us not allow to pass this opportunity.

      Jesus came to remove what separates us from God: the sin. By his death on the cross, he erased the sins of all those who believe in him. So all those who accept Jesus Christ as their Rescuer are miraculously cured persons. Not only they escape the eternal death which is a complete and definitive separation from God, but they enter an alive and happy relation with God known as a Father.

      The good seed

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