My guests

My guests

"Jesus tells him: Simon, I have something tell you … I entered your house; you did not give me of water for my feet … You did not give me to kiss." Luc 7:40-45

"As far as you did not make him to one of these smallest, you did not make him to me either to me." Matthieu 25:45

      Simon the Pharisee invited Jesus at his home. But, filled with his own importance, he treats him as a very ordinary host. He does not consider useful to offer him, according to the custom, some water to refresh his feet. He does not either welcome him) by a kiss. Jesus says nothing, although profoundly sensitive to the lack of respect targeting him, him, the Son of God. He simply sits down to eat. But a woman of the city penetrates to the Pharisee. Having recognized in Jesus the Rescuer of the sinners, her Rescuer, she brings him her tribute and her gratitude. Then Jesus addresses the Pharisee and underlines the contrast between his cold and haughty welcome and the attitude full of humility, love and respect for this woman.

      Jesus is not any more on the earth so that we invited him at our table. But has he his place, the place of honor, the first one, in our heart? And every time somebody crosses the threshold of our house, it's as if we received Jesus (Jean 13:20). How do we welcome him? Do we make differences according to the social standing or other human criteria? Are we also warm with all our guests? Either Jesus has to tell us sometimes, while we leave: "I have something tell you: I entered your house; kept silent did not give me about water, you did not kiss(embrace) me ".

      Christians, let us watch carefully that our hosts, even the most humble, find at our home of the refreshment and the real Christian affection.

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