Nobody will find me

"(Jesus said:) I found my ewe, the one who was lost." Luc 15:6

"The lost, I shall look for it, and the misled, I shall return her, and the wounded person, I shall bandage her, and the sick person, I shall strengthen her." Ezekiel 34:16

      Elsa lives on the island of Chiloé, coastal island of Chile. She has to support the daily violence of her alcoholic husband and assume the load of a numerous family in spite of her poverty. His life is filled with physical sufferings (it is handicaped) and morality. She finds no support with her close friends, slaves of their empty superstition. The thought to finish with this life the storm. If she disappeared, she would be lacking to nobody. Who would find her at the bottom of this deep pond which she sees of the window of her cooking?

      But an internal voice seems to tell him: "do not make that!".

      Even if she ignores it, somebody wants to find her. One day, after the death of her husband, Christians, going that way, meet his son under the influence of drink, and return him at home. They try to speak to him about Jesus but he sends back them to her mother. Elsa welcomes them as "messengers of the sky". They read together in the Gospel the satellite dish of the son fly-away which left his family to live its life and returns towards his father (Luc 15:12-32). Affected by the patience and God's kindness, Elsa confesses him his lack of confidence in him and his state of rebellion because of his misfortunes, of his faults. She receives for all this her full forgiveness. His heart fills with peace and with enjoyment: Lord Jésus finally found her!

      She also declares to all with happiness that at the same moment, she found the use of her wasted members.

      ( According to a mail received on 13/06/2014)

      The good seed

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